Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not Janel Moloney

During one of the Emmy Awards "Red Carpet" shows, the actress Kim Raver was mistakenly interviewed as Janel Moloney, and the mistake was never corrected on air. The Australian didn't notice the mistake.

The Australian Reports:
"But at the Emmy awards in Hollywood last week, nervous nominees were quizzed on the red carpet about their underwear choices. In addition to the usual "What designer are you wearing?" and "Whose jewels are you flaunting?" blonde star Janel Moloney from White House drama The West Wing was asked: "Are you wearing any underwear and if so, what designer?"

Moloney confessed she usually didn't wear smalls under a big designer dress. This doesn't mean she's a slapper, a slut or a skank. (Why do all these terms of derision for a sheila start with S?) It means she didn't want to spoil the line of her expensive designer dress with a cheap panty line. "

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