Sunday, October 23, 2005

Location of Season 1 Finale Shooting

Fishytv recently posted at Television Without Pity:
"The steps that Josh was found on are at about 1730 N. Kent Street, Arlington VA. There is not a lot of parking arround there, but it is only two blocks from the Roslyn Metro station. If you are doing the tourist thing in the DC area, Metro is the way to go. The station address is 1850 N. Moore Street, Arlington, VA

So take the Metro to Roslyn station. Take the really long escalator out of the station. The station's elevator deposits you into a covered area of the station, to a 180, and walk to the street. Do not take the stairs up (that's the wrong way). Go out to the street, there will be a zillion busses there. Turn right and walk to the end of the block (the station is in the middle of the block). You will be at Wilson Blvd and North Moore Street. Cross N Moore street and take the sidewalk down Wilson Blvd. You will be going down hill. The next street is North Lynn Street. Cross it, keep going down Wilson Blvd. Walk under an overhead bridge, that looks like a bad bridge. Remember it, when the bridge dumps onto Kent Street, you'll be at the stairs. The next street will be N. Kent Street. Turn left. At this point, Kent street is very narrow and one way, and the sidewalk is terrible. Walk up the hill about 1/4 block. You will see the stairs on your left as you reach the top of the hill. Down on the right side of the street you will see a white building where the WVA White Pride killers shot from."

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