Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Josh and Donna's Future - Attention New York City Readers!

From a Washington Post Chat:
"Des Moines, Iowa: Has Janel Maloney left the West Wing? Say it ain't so.

Debra Leithauser: We saw her in the season premiere, getting all huffy with Josh again. (Don't you just love the tension between those two?) Our sources say she's back for the whole season".

From TV Guide's Ask Ausiello:
Question: Ausiello, please, please, please tell us if Janel Moloney is getting written off The West Wing. I just watched the premiere, and I'm feeling pretty hopeless. — Rosalba

Ausiello: No, just like the rest of the show's original cast, Janel will be around for roughly half of this season's episodes. And (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT -highlight) I'm hearing Josh and Donna will be working together again very soon.

From an offical e-mail:
"Attention fans!

Do you live in the New York City area? Will you be visiting this week?

If so, here's a special treat for readers:

Michael Ausiello and the TV Guide Talk crew will host a special live podcast Friday at 7:30pm ET to commemorate the publication of TV Guide's new "Guide to TV 2006" book, which features an introduction by Michael.

In addition, film critics Maitland McDonagh and Ken Fox will be on hand to sign copies of TV Guide's "Film & Video Companion 2006."

Come on down to meet your favorite writers in person, ask questions and be a part of our live podcast!

WHERE: Greenwich Village Barnes & Noble, located at 396 Ave. of the Americas (and 8th St.)

WHEN: 7:30pm, Friday, September 30."

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