Sunday, October 23, 2005

Helping a Real "Matthew Santos" ?

From a News Observer article on reforming national primaries:
"Call it the Matt Santos factor, named for the fictional Hispanic presidential candidate played by actor Jimmy Smits on "The West Wing" who has gone from long-shot candidate to Democratic presidential nominee.

A Santos-like presidential candidate would have a better chance of capturing the Democratic nomination for president under new rules being written for the 2008 presidential race.

Or maybe the new rules will just help well-known, well-financed candidates such as Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

"This is a tricky process," said U.S. Rep. David Price, the Democrat from Chapel Hill. He ought to know. He's one of the chief architects of the 2008 presidential primary process.
Price said the commission seems to be heading toward adding two to four new states in the first weeks of the primary process. Though Iowa and New Hampshire may still be first by a few days, they may have to share the spotlight with other states. There has been talk of adding such states as South Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Michigan.
Will it help Hillary? Or a real-life Matt Santos? Or if South Carolina is moved up, would it help John Edwards, a native of the state?

Price says he doesn't know. But the old political science prof will watch with interest how it all pans out."

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