Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Episode 2 Recaps and Review

TV Guide comment.

LTG has posted his lengthy review of episode 2 "The Mommy Problem" at Television Without Pity.

A personal commment from TV Squad.

There is more episode discussion at Television Without Pity.

Recap from the Continuity Guide.

There is also a report on the filming of Jimmy Smits in his flight suit at the military base with pictures here.

General comment from TV Gal Amy Amatangelo:
"There really aren't words for how happy I was to see that C.J. and Danny eventually get married and have a baby on "The West Wing" (Sunday, NBC, 8 p.m.). So happy that I had to remind myself that, you know, Danny and C.J. aren't real people. But they are still killing me with this Josh and Donna thing. By the way, for those of you who tuned out of the drama, now is the time to tune back in. The election is such good times."

Short Opinion from Washington Post Chat:
"Germantown, Md.: What's wrong with the West Wing? Its like these actors are playing different characters who just HAPPEN to have the same names as the old characters.

The current storyline is weak. Is this show done after the season?

Debra Leithauser: And as for "West Wing": Others think the series is experiencing a re-birth, so to each his own."

Negative opinion from Blogcritics.org.

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Comments on Last Week's Episode

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