Sunday, September 11, 2005

"West Wing" Survey - Just For Fun! (Update)

The person who started the survey has announced that it will be closed down tomorrow, Monday, at 8PM ET. Until then you can still send an e-mail to this address to get an access code for the survey. Here's a first peek at some of the results. More Results should be available during the next week.

Through Television Without Pity. someone has put up a poll modeled on the one from NBC - the only difference being, this time, the results will be publicized and nobody will be refused answering because of their age group. So, if you like surveys and are curious to know more about the West Wing viewer population, go ahead and answer the survey!

Because of the overwhelming response to the survey, it has been reconstructed, but all previous answers logged before and after the "reconstruction" have been saved - the only difference is that now you must send a blank e-mail to this address, to receive an access code and prevent people from taking the survey too many times.

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