Monday, September 12, 2005

TV Guide Summary for "West Wing" Season Premiere

TV-Guide: 7.1. "The Ticket"
"The seventh season begins with an opening tease--set three years in the future at the dedication of the Bartlet presidential library--that might give a clue to the results of the Santos-Vinick race. But as the episode gets underway it's four days after the Democratic convention, and the Santos campaign is encouraged by a poll showing the congressman only nine points down. But Santos (Jimmy Smits) is worried about VP candidate Leo McGarry's negatives. At the White House, meanwhile, counsel Oliver Babish (Oliver Pratt) questions C.J. sharply about the NASA leak."
(Spoiler Highlight) Timothy Busfield, aka Danny Concanon, is listed in the credits. Spoilers connected with this guest appearance have been reposted by the owner of the J/D Talk Group here. You may have to scroll down to the post by Kuebsr.

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Last night NBC aired a preview showing behind-the-scenes footage of Alan Alda and Allison Janney dancing, Jimmy Smits pointing at the camera, and Janel Moloney and Bradley Whitford in the background.

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