Saturday, September 17, 2005

Short Survey Update

As posted by CarlyVDH at Television Without Pity:
"I planned to do it as a word doc. and then have it attached to emails sent to you all, but if you guys would prefer something else, (depending on what it is) I'll see if I can do it. Majority rules.

Another small set of results from the JUST FOR FUN section to make up for not getting the full set to you yet:

Most Promising 1. Santos 2. Donna 3. Charlie
Most Intelligent 1. Bartlet with 94% so basically no second place.
Most Attractive 1. Josh 2. Donna 3. C.J.
Most Funny 1. C.J. (by a mile)
Absolute Favorite Josh and Jed way out ahead of the pack."

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