Sunday, September 11, 2005

Richard Schiff Was on "Entourage"

There are reports that Richard Schiff will be in the finale of the HBO series "Entourage". The first air date is Sunday, September 4, at 10 PM ET.

From Buffalo News:

"There also is some humor served up with the soap opera drama, most notably when Ari's client, Richard Schiff (Toby on "West Wing"), gives him some shocking career goals. Funny and poignant without approaching maudlin sitcom territory, the season finale should stir even more positive buzz for the third season."

From Newsday:

"And even though he's lost Vince, he's still working clients with that same inimitable oily zeal, including Richard Schiff (playing himself), who tells Ari, "I want to be in action movies! I want to be the tough guy. I want ... to scare people." (Says Ari, "You're scaring me.")" in Dallas:
"The pop-culture references/appearances that ground Entourage's Hollywood satire flew: Pauly Shore mocking Drama for losing his agent and going ballistic ("What are you – a Surreal Life cast member?"), West Wing's Richard Schiff urging Vince's agent, Ari, to get him a part in a Martin Scorsese film so he could say @#$%."

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