Friday, September 16, 2005

Kristen Chenoweth on Being Christian on "West Wing"

From Christianity Today:
""Is it difficult to be a Christian working in this business, especially on a fairly liberal-minded television series like The West Wing?

I'm working on a very, very opinionated show, but I feel like everybody loves me and accepts me. Everyone respects what I believe. We all have different religious and political beliefs. John Spencer [who plays Leo McGarry] has a good heart, and Martin Sheen [who plays President Bartlett] certainly does. Nicole Robinson, the actress who plays Margaret on the show, has become a pretty close friend of mine. She's a Christian, so she's a person I cling to. Allison Janney's a good Catholic girl, and so is Janel Moloney. We have some interesting conversations, but they are good ones. I think I've been placed here [in this business]—sometimes unknowingly—for a reason.""

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