Friday, September 16, 2005

Jimmy Smits Quote

From a Washington Post report on a dinner benefiting the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts: "Smits kicked off the dinner, solemnly asking for a few seconds of silence in honor of the victims of Hurricane Katrina -- he visited Baton Rouge and Biloxi with Gloria and Emilio Estefan on Monday, he said.

'Tonight, we celebrate the contribution made by two Latinas from opposite ends of the programming spectrum: news and drama. Be it fact or fiction, we know that our reality -- Latino images and stories -- is often bypassed,' said Smits, known for his roles as the high-powered attorney Victor Sifuentes on NBC's 'L.A. Law' and the suave and charismatic cop Bobby Simone on ABC's 'NYPD Blue.' This season, Smits will continue his role as presidential candidate Matt Santos on NBC's 'West Wing.'

(So, Jimmy, who'll win the election? 'I really don't know, they're still writing the show,' said Smits, who is Puerto Rican and Surinamese.)""

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