Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Filming Reports of USC

Through the new Google Blog Search, I found a couple of reports of the recent USC filming. There aren't any real spoilers:

Number 1
"There was a full motorcade (Ohio plates) and they had changed the sign to read "Braeburn College" (most likely a re-shoot for the first episode of season 7) And there was a big crowd of extras waving signs like "We LOVE Bartlett" and "Santos McGarry For a Brighter America," while chanting "Santos! Santos! Santos!" And, lo and behold, Jimmy Schmitts was right in front of us, looking at a script. And JOSH LYMAN (Bradley Whitford) wandered by twice. And I was absolutely taken with excitement. We watched them do several takes of an arrival scene before they packed up and headed inside Bovard."

Number 2
"My time here at USC is about to end. I can't wait to get back home, though this was pretty cool.

I met Jimmy Smits (bail organa from Star Wars) and Bradley Whitford (the villain from Billy Madison) today. They were shooting the West Wing."

Number 3
"I had the best day today. literally. it was my favorite day.
i met bradley whitford and got to watch them film the west wing while wearing a headset.
i was so excited i was shaking and couldnt stop smiling for hours.
it was a big deal.
JOSH WAS BEAUTIFUL. you might not care, but he was even better looking in person. and i met christopher misiano, a director and executive producer who was really really cool.
i'll be able to tell you the WHOLE thing in a few weeks at school!!!
a family friend coordinates the shooting of shows at USC and she got me backstage! it was so cool!"

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