Monday, August 15, 2005

Richard Schiff Expands on Earlier Comments

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

"I'm not accusing Warner Bros. of suppressing Toby in any way, shape or form," Schiff said. "It's not some suit at Warner Bros. that goes, 'That Toby, we've got to suppress him.' I know it sounded like that, but it's not what I mean, and that's stupid."

Basically, Schiff's frustration boils down to an artist who said his suggestions for his character were more often heeded under original show runner Sorkin than current show runner John Wells. But that has little to do with TV Watch or the FCC's rash of fines over content.

Schiff said he's contracted for 11 episodes this year, and other actors will also appear in fewer episodes to accommodate a smaller budget that resulted from lower ratings. At the same time, he and other cast members will get the same pay for the episodes they are in as they have in the past.

"It's not a bad deal," Schiff acknowledged."

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