Friday, August 12, 2005

New Rob Lowe Interview

New interview with Rob Lowe from the Evening Standard's "This is London":

"For Lowe the big draw is being reunited with Aaron Sorkin, who wrote A Few Good Men when he was 28. Sorkin personally invited Lowe to take the lead role in London. More crucially for Lowe, he also yanked him from his career doldrums in 1999 by casting him as Sam Seaborn in the hit TV series The West Wing.

Suddenly Lowe was sought-after again - he even had tea with the Clintons. 'It was like being in The Beatles,' is how he summarises it. 'There's never been a show like it, that captured the zeitgeist of every aspect of the culture.'

But he left after four years because of creative differences. What went wrong? Lowe crosses his muscled arms diplomatically. 'I don't look at it so much as what went wrong as how did it go so right for so long? I think one of the useful things in life is to know when to leave the party. And it was hard work. We worked from 12 July to 8 May with a week off for Christmas, on a minimum 13 hours a day - a minimum.' "

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