Saturday, August 20, 2005

Martin Sheen in Boston Again

From the Boston Herald:

"Martin Sheen was back on the set of ``The Departed'' yesterday, looking none the worse for wear considering he spent the entire previous night riding a train from South Station to Park Street about 100 times!
Sheen and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio worked into the wee hours yesterday morning shooting a scene on a train where DiCaprio's character, an undercover cop, shouts to Sheen to meet him upstairs in the station. ``But wait 10 minutes!'' Leo cried – about 100 times, according to Someone Who Was There.
``He said it over and over from midnight to 5 a.m.,'' said our spy on the set.
Who said acting was glamorous???
The bad news for the boys is that director Martin Scorsese didn't get everything he needed, so they were due back on the train last night.
Yesterday, Sheen did a scene on Staniford Street at the Hurley Building, which will play the headquarters of the Mass. State Police in the flick.
The set-in-Boston crime thriller, due for release in 2007, will be in town shooting for another week and a half. "

From the Boston Globe:
Speaking of ''The Departed," actor Martin Sheen spent a chunk of Thursday afternoon and early evening filming scenes near the T entrance at South Station for director Martin Scorsese.

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