Monday, August 15, 2005

Emmy Speculation From TV critics


"This category may hinge on one burning question: Will the two Lost castaways split the vote? If they do, Alan Alda, who scored a hat trick of nominations this year--Oscar, Tony, and Emmy--may have the edge. Alda's performance on The West Wing as a presidential hopeful was well-regarded, and there's certainly a lot of love for him in the industry. "I think there's a lot of fondness and respect for him, and I think the Lost guys are going to split the vote," says Flynn.
Amatangelo, meanwhile, posits that the race is between Alda and William Shatner....
This is a very odd field," says Roush. "I don't see a front-runner here. Stockard Channing, I can't imagine what [episodes] she would submit..."

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