Sunday, July 03, 2005

West Wingers Trying to Make a Difference

Jimmy Smits introduced Will Smith at Live 8 and urged people to "feel the love, feel the vibe, but don't forget the message."

From the News Journal:

Actor Jimmy Smits tells concertgoers that 6,300 African children die of AIDS every day, then introduces a brief video that lays an audio track of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s voice over a photo montage with black-and-white images of the world leaders who will meet at the G8 summit.

Richard Schiff to appear at the All-Star festivities July 10 - 12 in Comerica Park.

Interview with Roger Rees (Lord J. M. )

Lawrence O' Donnell, WW writer and MSNBC correspondent, claims Karl Rove is the leak
in the Valerie Plame/CIA case.

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