Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rob Lowe, Bravo and Emmy's again

Rob Lowe is featured in the current issues of both People and In Touch magazines.

Quote from criticism of cable TV:
"The Bravo channel recently provided four minutes of commercials for every 10 minutes of "West Wing" content."

Emmy Quote from Arizona Republican:
"The West Wing is still taking up valuable space in the best-drama category, and you conclude that, when it comes to Emmy nominations, some shows are harder to get rid of than cockroaches in the kitchen..... But here's the cold, hard fact: Neither Will & Grace nor The West Wing is still deserving of an Emmy nomination as the best show in its category, a truth so glaring that it calls into question the validity of the whole awards system, as well as the good sense of those who disagree."

And the Toledo Blade:
"Emmys proved how out-of-touch they are by nominating The West Wing for drama series, a nomination that should have gone to more deserving programs such as The Shield, Rescue Me, or Battlestar Galactica."

Chicago Tribune:
"The "Equal Time" Award: Fine, Alan Alda got a nomination for his work as a presidential hopeful on "The West Wing." What about fellow candidate Jimmy Smits? He got nothin'.

The "Beating a Dead Horse" Award: "Will & Grace," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "The West Wing," enough already (at least "Raymond's" gone after this Emmy season). And what is it with Emmy voters and "Malcolm in the Middle's" Jane Kaczmarek? Is her name pre-printed on the ballot or something?"