Monday, July 18, 2005

"Rescue Me" and others feel snubbed

From IfMagazine:
"But here's where the Emmys got it wrong -- The West Wing and Six Feet Under in the Best Drama category. The West Wing stopped being really good TV about three years ago. It's still OK, and it did improve this year, but still … And Six Feet Under? Well, even hardcore fans admit that last season wasn't its best. Neither of these shows are near as good as say The Wire, The Shield or Rescue Me. Also, I'm not shocked that Veronica Mars is missing from the list."

From the Boston Herald:

"Get ``Rescue Me'' TV jake Denis Leary talking about this year's Emmy Award nominations and you practically have to hose him down!
The Worcester homeboy, who did score a nod for co-writing the FX series' pilot with Scituate's own Peter Tolan, isn't fired up about the academy snubbing him last week for a chance at an acting Emmy. He is, however, hot over his supporting crew getting hosed.
``It isn't a surprise they found us worthy of getting nominated for writing and directing (Tolan), but I have the best supporting cast on TV,'' Tommy Gavin's alter ego told the Track. ``Are you going to tell me that Stockard Channing, who was in the `West Wing' for like 11 minutes the entire season, does a better job than Callie Thorne? I mean, come on.''"

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