Friday, July 29, 2005

More on "Wanted" and "Commander"

TV Guide interview with Gary Cole:
"TVGuide: You’ve got to be excited; this is your first badass role in a while, isn’t it?

Gary Cole: It’s the first ongoing dramatic thing I’ve done in a while, yeah. The West Wing [where he had a recurring run as semi-dim Vice President "Bingo" Bob Russell] was a drama, but my character was kind of humorous at times, or annoying. Whatever you want to call it."
San Francisco Chronicle on "Wanted".

Seattle Times on Commander-in-Chief:
""Commander in Chief": Stars Geena Davis as the first female president. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and neither does the show. Try to imagine the most overblown moments of "West Wing" interrupted by droll domestic bits about the first husband's — tee-hee — pink office. Can't? That's OK; they're remaking this pilot, too."

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
"The lead character is an independent, and Lurie is trying to keep the show from being the target of any partisan attacks. That might be difficult, at least in the early going, since Lurie, Davis and all the other regulars identify themselves as Democrats.
"It's not like when I hired them they had to fill out a questionnaire and say that they're Democrats or Republicans," Lurie said. "The truth is that we come from a community of actors here, a community of filmmakers. The community happens to be mostly Democrat . . . extremely Democrat." "

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