Friday, July 01, 2005

Looking Back...

Season 1
National Post Column TeeVee article General Tribute to First Season Rob Lowe Interview First Season Supposition India & Pakistan (Lord John Marbury) DVD Review Paul Harris Show Cincinatti Inquirer Aaron Sorkin (St. Petersburg) Mention of Gays Cincinatti Inquirer Corpus Christi DGA Magazine St Petersburg Review Joe Lockhard & Allison Janney Snuffy Walden Interview Josh & Donna Richard Schiff Audition Rob Lowe on set (USA Weekend) Snuffy Walden (San Mateo) Thomas Del Ruth Rob Lowe in Smoke Magazine "The Crackpots and These Women" speech Indonesia Episode Dule Hill Chat Martin Sheen's Catholicism BW on Politically Incorrect Rick Cleveland's comment MS episode Christian Science Monitor: MS Karl Malden Northern Indiana on Karl Malden H. Chron on Karl M. Post Gazette Toronto Globe Finale (Canoe) Jorja Fox Bananas (Cinnc. Enquirer)
AP article Inside the West Wing (WNDU) Ashbrook Center NPR review DVD Review Christianity Today Chud DVD review Sorkin TWOP Postings Autism on the Show Allison Janney Interview (Inquirer) Sorkin/Schlamme Bradley Whitford (Wesleyan) The Advocate NYT: MS Storyline Daily Californian: Martin Sheen Racism Women's Volleyball J John Spencer/Martin Sheen Staples Center Delta Placement DVD Review (Wash. Post) Season 2 (St. Petersb.) Ainsley Hayes (Post Gazette) Matt Skinner Coast Guard Religion on the show NY Magazine A. Sorkin Feature (NYT Magazine) Noel (NY DN) Bradley Whitford Bush Cameo Colombia Emily Proctor Chat Bradley Whitford on autism Moment of Silence Mrs Landingham's Death Stockard Channing MS Survey Season finale Religion on Prime Time Shelley Malil NYT: Expletive in Finale Editing 2001 Emmys Ban on filming in cathedral NY Daily news DVD review
Richard Schiff Chat
Season 3 DVD review Review from Llamagraphics Documentary Special Special Episode (ctheory) New Yorker Review Martin Sheen's raise Cast Interview Tommy Schlamme LA Times article Stockard Channing Tim Matheson First Lady Hollywood Reporter on I & I Premiere Delayal 9/11 Responses Special Episode Special Episode (AP) I & I (AP) I & I (Free Press) I & I (LA Times Review) I & I (Chicago Tribune) Terrorism Discussion Sorkin on 9/11 Tamin Ansary & I (Post Gazette) West Wing headlines Aaron Sorkin (The Age) Season 3 (Post Gazette) Stockard Channing (ET) Filming (London Times) Filming (Washington Post) 1 Filming (Washington Post) 2 Rob Lowe (EW) Investigation (Sun Sentinel) Richard Schiff (Variety) Rob Lowe (Interview) Peggy Noonan Pulled Ad Campaign (AP) US Poet Laureate Ariana Huffington - Land Mines Sorkin's Posts Poet Laureat Fountain Scene John Kerry copying Bartlet? Nuclear Waste Nuclear Waste (Las Vegas Review) Nuclear Accident (AP) Documentary Episode Enemies Foreign and Domestic Finale in Manhattan Gary Farmer (IITL)

Link to official UK "West Wing" site (not updated since Season 3), has older cast photos and some interviews with cast members from the beginning of that season. Direct links to those clips currently functioning (at this time the majority will not play):
Janel Moloney
Bradley Whitford
Martin Sheen
(all Quicktime)
Season 4 Filiming in Pennsylvania Filming in Volant Extras in Penn. Misiano on Filming Filming Begins Stand-ins Filming Interviews End of Filming Navy Extras Friend Nr. 2 (Penn shooting) Season Premiere Lily Tomlin Interview Thinkfilm Don't like Mondays Lily Tomlin Rock the Vote Battle Creek "West Wing" and Reality Josh Malina Tom Del Ruth Interview NY Daily News (Lily Tomlin) Lily Tomlin (AP) James Brolin Christian Slater Timothy Busfield Whiffenpoofs Tommy Schlamme Sam Missing Heifer International Long Goodbye filming Shooting in DC Inauguration Thinkfilm Inauguration Korean President Global Warming Matthew Perry M. Perry nominated. Taye Diggs Season Finale 25th Amendment Mary Louise Parker (Newsweek) Post Dispatch Fourth Season (Hartford Courant) Bradley Whitford 2002 Interview (MoreMusic104) Report from a West Wing extra
Republican Hiring M. Sheen interview Season Premiere Stockard Channing Show future Trent Ford New Team Season 5 Joshua Malina John Spencer Rob Lowe Exit Post Sorkin SC (NY Daily News) Martin Sheen on premiere Martin Sheen Q & A NYT review Sacramento Bee New Writers (NYT) John Goodman Change is good Jesse Bradford Cast reactions Matthew Perry guest stars 10 good things about "West Wing" NHL mentions NBC promotion My Country Tis of Thee Drudge Report Full Disclosure Rocky Mountain News School Vouchers Hilary Clinton writes to Josh Elmo Traditional Values Council Christian Protest Glenn Close The Supremes Deborah Cahn WGA Win Talking Points FCC Plot Post Intelligencer Emmys 2004 Jason Isaacs Filming in Camden Sheen's first pitch Camden Shooting First Pitch (CBS) Jason Isaacs (The Sun) Boeing Scandal (Washington Post Sudan Storyline (Front Page Magazine) Filming in Annapolis (Navy News) NY Daily News review St Petersburg (Review) Abu El Banat Red Cross Partnership Communications Workers of America DVD sales

NY Daily news review

Fitzwallace Fate

Bradly Whitford & Janel Moloney Teleconference

Emmy Odds

Season 6 Season 6 outlook (USA Today) Jimmy Smits speculation Alan Alda Season 6 (Sun Times)Richard Schiff on series end NBC Fall preview Season 6 premiere Spencer comment Kristen Chenoweth Changes (St. Louis P.D.) S 6 Analysis Cinnc. P Review Mideast Storyline Smits promos New York Mag. Review NH Props USA-Today review Renewable Energy James Taylor West Wing in Ontario Alda Military Experience NH Prop Canadian Mayor gets role Alan Alda (San Diego) Shrimp Storyline Nascar (NY Daily News) Criticism of F.B.I. Lesbian Response to F.B.I. NH on the show MS Depiction Hamburg Inn (Daily Iowan) Hamburg Inn (Press Citizen) "West Womg" renewed? Nascar fans insulted Iowa Episode Laura Innes directing Ethanol Ethanol Article Upcoming Storylines (MSNBC) Turkey Criticism JS at the SAGs Alan Alda Oscar Nom - Script mention Alan Alda Interview "West Wing" Hater Lily Tomlin Zogby Poll Annapolis Filming in Annapolis Season 6 (Wash. Post) Challenges (Expenses) Richard Schiff comment On Season 6 Camp David Shooting Thurmont Filming Middle East Disagreements John Spencer Health New cast New Season Kristen Chenoweth Jimmy Smits Hubbert Peak Flag Storyline Season 6 outlook (Desert News) Season 6 (Orlando Sentinel) Alan Alda (Variety) Season 6 changes Canada Shooting (Calgary Sun)
VOTE-COPE West Wing future (NYT) Constitution Center Election J. Malina Comments Season 6 (Chicago Sun-Times) Blogs featured on the show Criticism of Lessig Storyline Turkish Storyline Pittsburgh Gazette Jimmy Smits & Alan Alda Post Gazette review Canada Shoot Tyee Review New Campaign Rejuvenation Station Emmy submissions "West Wing" renewed Sentricon System Dead presidents dicuss "In God We Trust" Matt Santos NBC apologizes Praise for Vinick Season 6 and Beyond Jimmy Smits Interview Season Finale Show future (USA Today) Criticism (USA Today) Review (Detroit Free Press) Critical Response to H. Chronicle Praise Vinick real? Santa Paula for Vinick (Santa Paula Times) Gannon Satire Vinick for President Eli Attie Talk L.A. Daily News outlook Eli Attie Talk ( Santa Paula Campaign Joshua Malina Speculation Will Bailey future Kristen Chenoweth Interview Joshua Malina on being Jewish Alan Alda Tony Lily Tomlin talk

Season 7
Home Video of "West Wing" Shooting in California August 2005

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