Friday, July 01, 2005

Latest News

Christian Bond between Kristen Chenoweth and Martin Sheen.

Stars - in this case - Bradley Whitford in possibly too revealing High-Definition Close-UPs.

Interview with Joshua Malina by the Jerusalem Post on his Jewish faith and how it has affected his time on TWW.

Another Article on Sheila Kelley's special hobby with comments by Richard Schiff.

Melissa Fitzgerald will be at Philadelphia's Live 8 concert.

Comparison the Virginia Governor's bike accident with the pilot (including a quote from the episode)

Bradley Whitford and Jimmy Smits named one of the 50iest sexiest men.
From Inside TV magazine:
He's sexy when...he's bantering with Donna--and that's no different in real
life. Jane Kaczmarek:"I've always thought verbal skills were an aphrodisiac, and Brad talks a lot."

John Wells has won 15, 000$ as the winner of the Humanitas Prize for NSF Thurmont.

There is an article from Daily Variety Article in which John Wells discusses a possible Hispanic president.

Season 6 to be released in Region 2 on September 29th.

Bradley Whitford states that he intends to write & direct more episodes in Season 7.

Possibility that Deborah Cahn is writing the Season 7 premiere.

Daily Variety names names 2162 Votes nr. 5 of the top ten hourlong drama episodes.

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