Friday, July 15, 2005

Further Emmy Commentary

The New York Daily News calls the non-nominations of Allison Janney and Jimmy Smits over Alan Alda "unforgiveable".

Oliver Platt (aka Oliver Babish) is happy about his nomination for "Huff".

The Journal-Sentinel
"The West Wing," which also has drooped in both its plotting and its ratings, got a sixth consecutive nomination for best drama....On the other hand, the Emmy people turned their backs on a small army of previous "West Wing" winners and nominees, including Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, John Spencer and Richard Schiff. Only two of its performers were acknowledged: Stockard Channing, who plays the comparatively small role of the president's wife; and new addition Alan Alda, as a Republican presidential candidate."
< Newsday wonders "How did Hank Azaria get a best actor nod for Showtime's little-viewed "Huff," while Emmy favorite Martin Sheen ("The West Wing") was shut out?"

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

"And was it a vote of confidence for the Republican nominee that Alan Alda was nominated as Sen. Arnold Vinick on "The West Wing" while Jimmy Smits' Rep. Matt Santos was ignored?"

From Reuters:
"“That show is not a comedy,” said Bill Lawrence, executive producer of NBC’s hospital sitcom and Emmy rival “Scrubs,” who nevertheless describes himself as a fan of “Housewives.”

“I don’t find that show as funny as (NBC political drama) ’The West Wing,”’ he said. “I find ’Desperate Housewives’ to be a great late-night soap, and it’s going to crush in the comedy Emmys as an hour-long show that’s not a comedy, and it’s not that fair.”

From the Washington Post:

""West Wing" logged five nominations this morning, although Martin Sheen is not in the running for the first time since being named faux president of the United States. Allison Janney was also neglected -- no doubt crushing blow for the millions of women around the world for whom Janney likes to remind us she is a role model."

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