Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Allison Janney in "Our Very Own"

Allison Janney's film Our Very Own is premiering in Tennese August 13 in Shelbyville, Tennesee.

Here's what Variety says about Allison Janney's performance:

"But it's Clancy who pic revolves around, as it becomes clear his family is teetering on the edge of disaster. While his father Billy (Keith Carradine) is making his unemployment worse by drinking, his mother Joan (Janney) strains to keep things together at home. Janney's shock when movers come unannounced to repossess the family's dining room set is the stuff of Arthur Miller tragedies.

What's amazing about Janney's portrayal is that this is only the beginning of what develops into one of the most fully realized female characters in recent American film. Just as the kids feel stuck in this place, so too do their parents -- a realization that hits Joan like a bittersweet epiphany during a ladies' town meeting with friend Sally (Cheryl Hines)."

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