Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Movie Project For Rob Lowe

From Variety:
"Rob Lowe will star in sequel "Stir of Echoes: The Dead Speak," to be produced and financed by Lionsgate.
Ernie Barbaresh wrote the script for and will direct the horror thriller, which begins shooting in mid-July in Toronto.

Pic is a followup to the 1999 Kevin Bacon starrer "Stir of Echoes," which was written and directed by David Koepp and based on a Richard Matheson novel.

Story revolves around a soldier who returns home from a tour of duty in Iraq only to be haunted by visions of the dead. Producers are Toronto-based Philip Stilman, who has a deal with Lionsgate, and Claire Welland.

Barbaresh, a producer on "American Psycho," wrote and directed "Cube Zero." Lowe was just seen in "Thank You for Smoking.""


There are also photos of Rob Lowe at the Lupus Gala from Wireimage. If you click Details, you can register to see enlarged photos from the last 30 days.

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