Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stage Directions from "West Wing" Episode "The Cold"

The owner of the "West Wing" Spoiler Yahoo Group has acquired a script of the episode "The Cold" and posted some of the episodes' stage directions:
"I recently acquired a copy of the script for the episode, "The Cold." I thought
that some ofyou might be interested in the stage directions for "The Kiss":

'It's a big "yes," like a triumphal war whoop, and it's combined with some sort of fists- pumping-triumphantly-at-the-air kind of gesture, and that's followed by Josh taking Donna's face in his hands and planting a triumphal smack on her lips.

It's a purely celebratory act, but somewhere in the middle of it he notices that she, though a touch surprised, didn't recoil and he had no papable desire to move away when it was done.

And so he does it again, maybe still a feature of the drunkenness of the moment,but this time it's less of a "Happy New Year Aunt Giselle" kind of smack and more of an actual kiss.

She's even more surprised this time, but also, coincidentally, has no desire to move away, in fact grabs the back of his neck and pulls him in closer for a second, before the hallway floods with staffers...'
You have to ask? The scene in which Debbie calls Leo from the Roosevelt room and takes him to stand outside the oval, and the scene of Jed and Leo in the oval. I'm very curious if there was more dialog written or stage direction that we didn't get to see once the episode was edited. Thanks. Charlotte

No difference in dialog, and the only stage direction was that Leo looked surprised when he was asked into the Oval.

There is actually very little stage direction on WW scripts, that is why I found "the kiss" explanation so interesting. There is also stage direction for the "key" scene,saying, "well, not today."'

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