Friday, February 17, 2006

"West Wing" Encounter on Plane

From the Princeton Packet:
"The red carpet rolled out for celebrities at the Feb. 8 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles also welcomed South Sixth Avenue resident Lane Shelton. Mr. Shelton was able to attend — and enjoy VIP treatment at posh L.A. nightspots — courtesy of his employer, computer cable manufacturer Belkin International."There was a vendor for my company that decided we were his biggest client for 2005 so they decided to give us a couple of free tickets to the Grammys," Mr. Shelton said. The invitation was originally for the director of sales and the director of inside and outside sales but neither could attend so Mr. Shelton and another associate were selected because they were the company's top two sales representatives. "It was such a good trip because it was designed for the top level executives so we got to see how the 'other half' lived for the event," Mr. Shelton said. The perks included first-class airfare to Los Angeles, a prime spot at the Staples Center for the awards broadcast, and invitations to after-show parties. On the Feb. 7 flight to Los Angeles, Mr. Shelton sat next to actor Richard Schiff, who portrays Tobias Zachary on NBC's drama "West Wing." "Very nice guy. He was in New Brunswick doing stage work and he was on his way back to L.A.," according to Mr. Shelton."

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