Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Inspiration for Call Girl Storyline?

From the New York Daily News:
"t's been a rough week for Aaron Sorkin. First, NBC cancels his venerable series, "The West Wing." Now, a prostitute he knew years ago has made him a central figure in her memoir.

In 2002, Dimitra Ekmektsis told us she'd had a two-year, drug-fueled relationship with Sorkin. But apparently, she left a few stories out.

"Confessions of a High-Priced Call Girl" is the title of the book she's shopping.

But no client receives more attention than Sorkin, who she says she met in 1990, when he was 29 and enjoying the success of his Broadway play "A Few Good Men."

Ekmektsis says he'd pay her $2,000 a night for her "almost weekly" visits to his upper West Side apartment.

It was there, she claims, that he introduced her to cocaine.

Eventually, she says, she fell in with the soft-spoken, brilliant writer. "The last three or four times we were together, he didn't pay me at all," she writes.

They lost touch until 1999, according to Ekmektsis, when they started E-mailing. She says he told her he'd written a call-girl character into "The West Wing."

"I wrote it because (I'm serious about this) I've always remembered the way you came over to my apartment," according to the E-mail she reproduces. "I remember looking at you and thinking: I don't understand why this isn't my girlfriend."

Despite that note, she feels ripped off. "Almost every time we were together in his penthouse, he asked me to tell him in minute-per-minute detail about my life as a call girl. … Who knew then he was gathering information?"

A rep for Sorkin would say only, "Aaron knew Dimitria for a short time a long time ago."
"I really learned some hard lessons from Aaron," she says, "but he learned a few things from me, too."

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