Saturday, December 03, 2005

"West Wing" Writer Comments on "Huffington Post"

Former "West Wing" writer Michael Oates Palmer, posted a political comment at the Huffington Post about the death penalty, which included this statement:
"If a Hillary supporter can point me to one decision or vote she's made in the last four years where she took a stand that went against her best political interests – I’ll buy the first beer. (Obligatory disclaimer: Literally, the first beer to one lucky reader. I'm not buying five thousand people their first beers of the evening. End of obligatory disclaimer.)"

From his bio on the blog:
" Michael Oates Palmer is an executive story editor and writer for In Justice, a drama series premiering this spring on ABC. He previously wrote for Steven Bochco's police drama Blind Justice and also the Emmy-winning fourth season of Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing, where he was, at that time, the youngest writer in that series' history. A graduate of Brown University and the American Film Institute, he lives in his hometown of Los Angeles. In addition to his work for television, Palmer has also written for political candidates, magazines, newspapers, rent, and food."

Jon Robin Baitz, who wrote the episode "Long Goodbye" has also contributed some posts to the blog.

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