Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rob Lowe in UK "In Touch"

There is a report from TBPurr at the Sam Thread of "Television Without Pity" of Rob Lowe photo spread in "In Touch" magazine:
"I have some great great news - it's a good day! Anytime I have a Rob Lowe photo finding day I'm a happy girl. And I didn't find out about it on any website. One of my scouts - and converted Rob Lowe fans cause of me - at school told me about it. She gets In Touch in the mail - that alone surprised me but that's another story. I had missed it! I have really been skimming the weekly mags - all four this week had the tragic tale of Nick and Jessica on the cover. (Next week it will be Brittney - I don't even believe this stuff anymore - I think it's all fake just to get on the covers - but I digress.) I thought why bother. I missed a couple of them even.
What a photo! It's Rob and the boys skating. Some here have seen it I believe - the London crowd. I haven't so I'm not sure which one they've seen. This is a full page photo - actually 2 photos. The 2 boys on either side of Rob Lowe skating - that's smaller. John Owen is skating a lot closer to Dad but both boys are holding Dad's hand on either side of him. Above it reads "You can do it, John!" The full page photo is of Rob Lowe leaning down talking to John Owen. It's priceless. Candid. They don't seem to know the camera is there and it looks like there's been some heart to heart discussion going on. Adorable.
It's under "personal peek - in touch with their real sides" - other photos of celebs in real life situations I guess. And on this full page of the Lowes the headline reads: "Rob teaches his kids to skate." A short article also is included that states where they are and that Rob Lowe is in London doing "A Few Good Men". It calls him "dedicated dad."
The irony is earlier in the same mag is an article "Hollywood's Hottest Dads." I guess they need to look back on page 82 for further research. "..""

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