Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Review of "West Wing" Season 5 DVD

Review from elitetv:
"“The West Wing: The Complete Fifth Season” comes with a good batch of special features. The best of the group are two features created for the set. The first, titled “In POTUS We Trust” takes a strong look at the character of President Jed Bartlet and the cast and crew talk about the character as well as the actor who plays him, Martin Sheen. There seems to be a genuine love affair for both. Sheen shares with us that he believes Bartlet to be a combination of John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton and how the original idea for Bartlet when the show first started was for him not to be a regular cast member. It is difficult to imagine the show with Bartlet showing up every fourth episode. The second feature, “GAZA: Anatomy of an Episode” is a detailed account of how the episode was designed and all the work that was done in trying to create a realistic looking Gaza Strip. There are also six deleted scenes from the fifth season, including three scenes from Slow News Day, two scenes from Memorial Day, and a single scene from Eppur Si Muove. Audio commentaries are also included for episodes 7A WF 83429, The Dogs of War, and The Supremes."

Posted by vplasgirl at J/D Talk:
"What a delightful surprise this special feature was after expecting much less from the brief clip I downloaded from the Internet the other day.It is three or four times longer than that and includes comments from Bradley Whitford and Janel Moloney regarding Colin and Donna's relationship with Colin. It also includes the scene from Memorial Day when Josh watches Colin kiss Donna.

In choosing the actor to play Colin, the producers were particularly concerned with finding someone who could compete with Josh. Bradley Whitford's comment on Colin is funny and cute. Josh style, he calls him 'A queen'. Janel Moloney said she would have liked the relationship to develop more over the course of several episodes. She wasn't thrilled with the extent of Donna's Gaza experience to be getting laid then getting blown up. But, she did enjoy getting to flirt with someone other than Brad for a change."

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