Saturday, December 03, 2005

Recent "West Wing" Set Visit

Posted at the [b]log:
"Today was very exciting for me. The West Wing is my absolute favorite show of all time. Jessica Claire and I were guest of one of the head writers Andrew Bernstein. (Jessica had done some wonderful photos of his kids). It was such a thrill to walk through the set, which is a pretty amazing replica of the actual White House. I could not believe that the outside part of the Oval Office set below is actually indoors. When they shoot it for the show, it looks as if were actually outside when you look out the window, or for the scenes that are shot on the portico. Hollywood magic!
The episode they were shooting today was directed by Laura Innes (Dr. Carrie Weaver on E.R.) We had a few minutes to just chat with her when they were rearranging the lights for the next shot. She was so nice, not anything the character she plays on E.R. It was fun to watch the taping while literally looking over her shoulder.

Bradley's assistant Loren was so nice and very helpful. If fact, I was amazed how down to earth everyone was. I thought people in the industry were supposed to be full of themselves?!?!? "

The blog post includes a picture of the poster with Bradley Whitford.

From the blog poster's friend:
"Yesterday was such a fun day! I shot children's photos awhile back for Andrew Bernstein, one of the main writers on the show, and yesterday I was lucky enough to get to hang out on the set of the West Wing for a couple of hours. I decided to bring Becker with me since he is the #1 fan of of the show. Its amazing how much he knew about it--practically more than Andrew did!!

I got to sit in the Oval Office.
We had an awesome time! Brad Whitford who plays Josh on the show stopped by to say hi, and his assistant Loren was so nice to show us around the rest of the lot as well. Another cool thing was that the director of the episode we were watching was Laura Innes from ER who plays Carrie Weaver. She is so nice in person!"

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