Saturday, November 19, 2005

Possible Info on Writer of Upcoming Episode

A poster at the J/D Talk Group talked with Alex Graves at the recent event in Kansas:
"-He brought along some clips to get the discussion started; an Oval Office Scene from either Gaza or Memorial Day (I couldn't remember which; the one where Kate throws out her "crazy" idea to give the chairman a new cell phone) and the section of the live debate where they discussed prescription drugs followed by the African healthcare
crisis (it was the West Coast cut, which I hadn't seen being here in Kansas, but from what I saw and what Mr. Graves had to say, the West Coast one seemed to have more life to it.) and as a surprise bonus, there was a blooper reel full of clips from every season, and they were different from any that have shown up on the dvd's, and they were hilarious! The best one: Brad [Whitford] screwed something up and started
singing in falsetto and held one note out for a very long time. Quite amusing.
- He was asked about the DVD production, and he said the Season 6 ones are about done but he didn't know a release date, and they're already working on Season 7, which he was going to do an interview for within a few days. He said there would be plenty of extras on S7 related to the live debate, and that most likely they will be
putting both East and West Coast feeds on the DVDs.
-An audience member asked if Toby was really the one who leaked it,and he said that yes, Toby DID do it, and they never intended for it to be a cover-up. Toby did it, and he did it to save the astronauts. (I forget if he mentioned Toby's brother as a motive) The angle they were going for was simply to show what would happen if a high-profile leak happened. The space station story was simply a tool (read: we didn't mean to have it make sense) to get to the larger story about the political ramifications of a security leak, and he also mentioned that it was a surprising coincidence that the real world leak story would break that same week. He seemed very honest when he was talking about this, so I think we can safely lay this debate to rest now. (Sadly, that is. Poor Toby. He did say, however, that Toby is not gone forever, and he reminded us that we will somehow get back to the teaser from The Ticket.)
- He toed the party line fairly well on the "Is the show ending?" question. We got the standard (but true) "we won't know until around Christmas, so I really don't know" answer, but he did say he hopes it goes on and they have contingency plans for either way. Same story on the outcome of the election, and he also gave me the
impression that the outcome really might not be decided yet BECAUSE it could change based on whether they get picked up or not. I don't know much about the business, so you might be able to chalk it up to my naivete, but he was either a very good liar or truly very honest... because that's how he came off to me.
-During the Q&A, I couldn't think of a good question to ask in front of everyone, but afterward, I remembered that Brad was considering writing more for this season, so I stood in line for a few minutes and got to meet him. After politely (and genuinely... he is one of my favorite writer/directors on the show post-Sorkin)complimenting his work, I mentioned that I had really enjoyed Faith Based Initiative last year, and asked if Brad was planning to write again this season. He said that they had actually just finished filming one that Brad wrote a few weeks ago, and it would be airing sometime soon. He couldn't remember the name of it offhand, so it may be one of the eps that we already have a title for, but...he mentioned that it was mostly about CJ
. ... Anyway, I said I was really glad to hear that because I was such a fan of all
of Brad's work, and he said he'd be sure to tell him that someone had taken such interest in his writing. (Squee! Two degrees away from Bradley Whitford!!)"

For the reason mentioned above, I believe Episode 11 seems most likely to be the episode Bradley Whitford is writing.

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