Friday, November 25, 2005

Mark Harmon Talks About "West Wing" Experience

Mark Harmon, who played CJ's doomed Secret Service protector Simon Donovan at the end of Season 3, and is now on NCIS, compares his current show with "West Wing" in Newsday:
"He also gushed about Bellisario. "He's a rare bird. I've worked with Aaron Sorkin. I've worked with David Kelley. He does more than any of those people. He writes, he produces, he directs, he edits. And he's 70 years old.
"For starters, it's almost never still. Recalling his memorable guest-arc on "The West Wing" the year before he got "NCIS," Harmon said "the air was different on that set. It was like a train rippin' by a hundred miles an hour, and you were supposed to grab a strap and hang on. There's some of that in this show."

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