Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Encounters with "West Wing" Stars

BJC recently posted at Television Without Pity about seeing Rob Lowe in "A Few Good Men" in London:
"Two friends and I went and saw "A Few Good Men" last night, Rob is just fab fab fab fab. We hung out at the stage door afterwards and were rewarded with an autograph and picture!! I will post a link soon.

There were about 30 people waiting for Rob (we were all so concentrating on watiting for Rob we didn't even notice Elle McPherson walk right by us until she was half way down the street) and nearly every single person asked him if he was going back to The West Wing soon. He didn't give a definate no, pretty much dodged the question.

He asked the crowd who they wanted to win the election and then realised that we aren't up to that season yet!!"

Linda M. posted at the WWSpoilers Group about an event with Martin Sheen:
"As mentioned previously, I attended a charity dinner in which Martin Sheen was a participant Saturday night. Many items were being sold, but I was drawn to a copy of the script for "365 Days," that was autographed by Martin. I paid the asking price, and stuck it away in a protective envelope until late this evening.

It is a "pink" revision, which comes after the 'blue" revision. It obviously was NOT the final shooting script.

For those interested, I think the discussion of the "Grand Guinol" between Jed and Abbey took a different turn, probably due to Martin's inability to pronounce things.

The infamous kiss was scripted as being a full-mouthed kiss, and Toby asking if the tape was on "freeze-frame" due to the length.The discussion during dinner between Jed and Leo was very different. There was mention of going to the "Old Pols Retirement Home." No mention of sword fighting with paper towel rolls, which I understand saying "paper towel rolls" was particularly troublesome for Martin. Why the change? Probably to aggravate Martin."

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