Sunday, October 02, 2005

"West Wing" Season 6 on More4 October 14th - BFBS

More4 will be showing the Season 6 premiere starting Friday, October 14, at 9PM GMT followed right by episode 2. Before the broadcast there will be some kind of special intro program at 8:30PM GMT.

"time - 20:30 to 21:00 (30 minutes long).
When - Friday 14th October on more4

Featuring interviews with the cast and with famous fans of the show, Inside The West Wing looks at the characters that inhabit the US drama about life in the White House and the storylines that often mirror actual world events. Looking at how Martin Sheen and his fictional staff are portrayed as a fantasy alternative to the Bush administration, and with a catch-up of the nerve-shredding events in Season 5 that reflected global politics in a way that TV drama has never dared to before, Inside The West Wing brings viewers up to date as the sixth series of this multi-award-winning drama premieres on More4."

Also, for anyone abroad in Europe with the British Armed Forces, BFBS is broadcasting Season 4 Sundays at 9:40 CET.

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