Thursday, October 06, 2005

Short "West Wing" Set Stories

From San Bernardino Sun interview with Alan Alda:
"Alan Alda is enjoying life deeply right now, and it's not just due to the string of major acting nominations (Oscar, Emmy, Tony) he's earned this year. He's even embracing life's irritating moments.

"We were shooting 'The West Wing' recently, and it turned into one of those very long days," recalls Alda in the offices of KPCC-FM in Pasadena, lounging with a bottled water after an on-air interview. That day's drag forced him to miss a dinner with friends, but, he says, "I was laughing and joking with the other actors, and everyone was tired and wanted to go home. Finally, one of them said, 'What are you so happy about?' And I said, 'I was supposed to be dead now.' ""

From an obituary for actor Jim Gabriel:
"Jim Gabriel's passion for life was celebrated two years ago on a Hollywood set.

He was in the middle of accomplishing a lifelong goal - pursuing a career in acting - telling his story to actor Martin Sheen on the set of ''The West Wing.''

Sheen was so impressed with Gabriel's gutsy move late in life to chase his dreams that he called over the other actors and crew and told them Gabriel's story. They gave the prominent San Angeloan a round of applause, according to Standard-Times archives.

Gabriel died suddenly Wednesday morning."

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