Monday, October 24, 2005

Bitterness of Richard Schiff

In an article for the Deseret News, a reporter revisits accusatory comments Richard Schiff made against "unnanmed executives". The editorial criticizes Schiff for making unsubstantiated allegations:
""You feel this corporate shadow constantly suppressing and regulating and watching over, especially for the character Toby, who is somewhat conscience-driven and dynamic in his opinions. You just feel the suppression."
Yet when asked to provide any examples — even one — of that suppression, Schiff demurred. "It's more subtle than that. Please be careful how you express this because it's not a direct control. But it's their show. They own it and they have influence on it. They have influence on the budget, and they have influence over who's in the show and they have influence over, I'm assuming, what stories they want to tell and how we tell them."
At the same time, however, Schiff insisted that executive producer John Wells had gone above and beyond the call of duty in protecting Toby. "John Wells is actually protecting me, and quite valiantly, and really wants me to be a part of this show. And so we've come to an agreement to do a few shows this year."
"Toby is going to be — through a mutual consent, really — phased out of the show this year. I mean, I've had enough. And also, I think they're more than happy to have me have had enough.
"I think that's partly from Warner Bros. and whoever runs the show over there. Who knows what the reason for that is? I mean, when I go across America, people are in love with this character. But there is this, I guess, pressure to relieve him of his voice. And so where is this coming from? I'm guessing it's coming from some suit somewhere up there."
Schiff repeatedly insisted he and his character are the victims of unnamed corporate executives who did things he could not or would not delineate. "No, I don't want to go to that place, because that's a more personal battle between me and whoever. It's just — it's an obvious relationship," he obfuscated."

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