Sunday, October 09, 2005

Allison Janney Honored by Dayton School

Miami Valley School in Dayton, which Allison Janney attended, is honoring her as a Distinguished Alumnus.
From the Dayton Daily News:
"Janney who says she grew up at Miami Valley School, considers herself "incredibly lucky to have spent my formative years there.

"My experiences there provided me with a solid springboard to go out into the world armed with confidence, an inquisitive mind and a feeling that I was special," she adds.

In an ad campaign for Target promoting the importance of great teaching in 2001, Janney chose her sixth-grade teacher Annabelle Cummings of MVS as someone who inspired her.

"I have such fond memories of Annabelle ... just her whole personality," said Janney at the time. "We loved to make her laugh; her laugh made us laugh."

Cummings — who taught world history, archaeology and anthropology — traveled the world and shared her adventures with her students.

Janney said she and her classmates all thought Cummings was "the coolest woman."

"She'd go off to archaeological digs in Egypt ... She represented this exciting world outside of Dayton, Ohio."

Janney, the daughter of Macy and Jerv Janney, will accept her award via video and childhood friend Elizabeth Grant Schroeder (Class of 1984)"

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