Saturday, September 17, 2005

"West Wing" at the Emmys

Alan Alda will be a presenter at the Emmy Awards this Sunday.

Media Commentary:

San Francisco Chronicle:
"Doris Roberts! The fact that she may win another Emmy is so aggravating, it steals anger from a reserve still bothered that "The West Wing" -- that flavorless, worked over piece of gum of a show -- is nominated as best drama."

Associated Press:
"Lynn Elber-
Shouldn't win: "The West Wing." Reinvigorated, but had its day in the Emmy sun.
Frazier Moore-
Shouldn't win: "The West Wing." A lame duck."

Journal Now
"Emmy voters have a tendency to be several years behind the loop - just witness the nominations for the once-good but now godawful Will & Grace and the once-great and now mediocre The West Wing."

"Will win: The West Wing
Should win: Deadwood

The West Wing is safe, aging, toothless and not very demanding. Ironically, its lack of edge is the very thing that may appeal to liberal-leaning, middle-brow Emmy voters: The duller it becomes, the fewer voters it's likely to offend."

"Likewise, the fantasy element of "Lost" could prove a turnoff to Emmy voters, who have a history of preferring more realistic offerings, according to Emmy pundit Tom O'Neil, host of the entertainment awards Web site

He said NBC's political drama, "The West Wing," a four four-time past winner, posed the biggest threat to "Lost" in this year's race because it "feels important." But he said that "buzz and the cool factor" give an edge to "Lost.""

Daily Herald:
Will win: Stockard Channing ("The West Wing") should get a farewell nod."

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

" The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has an unfortunate tendency to keep honoring shows long past their prime-time prime. The continuing fascination with "The West Wing" is a good recent example.

The Emmy voters seemed to be the only TV viewers on the planet who did not realize that over the past five years the White House drama has been outpunched in the drama ring by such HBO heavyweights as "The Sopranos," "The Wire" and "Deadwood," as well as FX's "The Shield," "Nip/Tuck" and "Rescue Me."

Last season, "The West Wing" didn't even rank among the five best dramas on the air. Yet there it will be Sunday night, vying for best-drama honors with "Deadwood," ABC's "Lost," HBO's "Six Feet Under" and Fox's "24."

"OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES: Who should win? Lost (ABC), because its stamp is felt across the new season. Who will win? The West Wing (NBC), the safe pick and a tribute to a dying dinosaur. Six Feet Under (HBO) is too weird, Deadwood (HBO) too gritty and 24 (Fox) had that sticky Islamic terrorist thing."

Associated Press:
"Cast members from "Desperate Housewives," "The West Wing" and "Everybody Loves Raymond" get primo seats. The producers of "Survivor" and "Amazing Race" will receive a dose of their own reality with seats in the 26th row - the very back of the nominee section.

It seems scripted TV still rates - at least at the Emmys."

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