Friday, September 23, 2005

TV Guide Talks With Danica McKellar

From TV Guide Online:
" Your West Wing arc was the same one that ushered Rob Lowe off the show. Was he at all melancholy on the set?
McKellar: No, I didn't notice that. I think he was really excited about the future. The Lyon's Den didn't do very well, but.... He's in London right now doing A Few Good Men on stage. One day I would love to play the Demi Moore role. Was it hard to escape being pigeonholed as Winnie?
McKellar: Before The West Wing? Absolutely. Now people are like, "We loved your work on The West Wing," which is so good to hear. It's nice to have people talking about things besides The Wonder Years — not that I'm ashamed of or want to forget that or anything. I am grateful to have been on such a wonderful and obviously beloved show."

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