Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ratings for "Out of Practice", "Invasion" "E-Ring"

"Out of Practice" and "Invasion" do relatively well, "E-Ring" hardly has higher ratings than "West Wing" in the same time slot.

Out of Practice, Monday Night:

From Variety:
"Despite an improved 8 o'clock hour, CBS saw year-to-year drop-off as expected at 9, where "Two and a Half Men""Two And A Half Men" (5.1/12 in 18-49, 15.04m) slipped 14% behind last year's "Everybody Loves Raymond""Everybody Loves Raymond" preempreem in the slot. And at 9:30, the new "Out of Practice" (4.3/10, 13.18m) held a decent 84% of its "Men""Men" lead-in, placing third in demos and second in total viewers."

"At 9 p.m., "Monday Night Football" switched -- in most of the country -- to its regularly scheduled game between Dallas and Washington, averaging 11.2/17 for the hour. CBS moved up to second with the premieres of "Two and a Half Men," 9.9/14, and "Out of Practice," 8.7/13. "Las Vegas" opened its third season on NBC with an 8.0/12. "Prison Break," 5.0/8, moved FOX up to fourth. UPN moved into fifth, averaging 2.6/4 with the season premieres of "Girlfriends" and "Half & Half." The WB's new drama "Just Legal" brought up the rear."

E-Ring/Invasion, Wednsday Night:
Media Life:
"ABC led easily at 9 p.m. with its 10.0 average for the "Lost" premiere, challenged most closely by a 3.3 average for CBS for a "CSI" repeat. NBC was third that hour with a 2.6 for the premiere of "E-Ring," followed by a 2.5 for UPN for the second half of its two-hour "America’s Next Top Model" premiere. That show finished second among 18-34s from 8 to 10, behind only ABC.
At 10 p.m., ABC added another strong supernatural debut to the list, as "Invasion" averaged a 7.1 rating. It did fall 12 percent from its first to its second half hour. CBS was second at 10 p.m. with a 4.5 average for its "CSI" repeat and NBC third with a 4.1 average for the season premiere of "Law & Order."

Broadcasting & Cable
"ABC’s series debut of Invasion posted impressive numbers, as well. It averaged a 7.1/18 and 16.9 million viewers—similar numbers to Lost's 2004 pilot.
NBC placed third at 3.1. After Martha Stewart’s underwhelming performance at 8, the series premiere of E-Ring didn’t do much better (2.6/6) in the 9 o’clock hour. At 10, old standby Law & Order swooped in to deliver a 4.1/11."

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