Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Positive Outlook for "Commander in Chief"

Cincinnati Post:
""Commander-in-Chief" looks like a winner. Viewers should realize this could be subtitled "The East Wing" rather than a "West Wing" copycat.

It's as much a family drama as a political melodrama, often focusing on the pressure faced by parents who just happen to be the president and the First Gentleman."

Arizona Republic
"Remember how much fun it was to watch The West Wing when it was great?

On the right night, hearing the right speech from the right actor, you'd be tempted to ditch what you were doing and go sign up for some form of government service, preferably one that would allow you, too, to make such moving speeches.

Far-fetched, yes, but they don't call it political wish-fulfillment for nothing.

Commander in Chief, ABC's surprisingly good new drama starring Geena Davis as the first woman president, isn't like that. Inspirational public-service soliloquies delivered at a rapid clip while its characters pace the halls of the White House aren't what it aspires to. Yet in its best moments, and there are a gracious plenty, it does stir a little of that feeling, that mix of pride in country and the longing that political problems really could be solved with nothing more than a particularly good quip that The West Wing trafficked in."

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