Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Empire Online Interview with Richard Schiff

Thanks to Sharon at the J/D Talk List for typing this up! This interview comes from Empire Magazine in the United Kingdom.

" Richard Schiff
Shooting the breeze with The West Wing's Toby
by James Dyer

The show's creator, Aaron Sokin,left after Season 4. Was that difficult for the cast?

It was a very emotional time as we had fought a great battle together. I felt that Aaron used Toby to explore some of the darker issues in his own life. I felt a real affinity with him.

In Season 6, the show really found its feet again...
It took a while for us to figure out what the hell we were going to do! I think the show is now more of a reflection of the real world as opposed to a fantasy of what it could be, but still keeps the intergrity of the characters.

Given that Toby's a rather sad character, do you fing it strange that he's so popular?
I had I known the show would last this long, I might have chosen a cheerier fellow! A lot of people love him though; they find him the most honest and the most profound and the most funny. That's a great reward for me."