Sunday, September 18, 2005

Emmy Awards on E! and CBS

CBS is broadcasting the Emmy Awards tonight at 8PM ET. The E! Channel and the TV Guide channel will be broadcasting live from the Red Carpet starting at 6PM ET, interviewing the stars as they arrive, with some West Wing actors most likely among them. The E! Channel is also available internationally and in Europe through various digital cable providers, including Sky Television in the UK. If you have European or International digital cable, check your program guide carefully.

The West Wing is nominated in the categories:

Best Drama

Best Supporting Actor (Alan Alda)

Best Supporting Actress (Stockard Channing)

Best Director (Alex Graves - 2162 Votes)

Sound Mixing (2162 Votes)

More Media Commentary:

Mobile Register:
"The other nominated dramas are HBO's "Deadwood" and "Six Feet Under", Fox's "24" and NBC's "The West Wing." A perennial winner, that last one had an uneven year last time as it worked on reinventing itself. The transformation for "The West Wing" should be complete this season, but it doesn't deserve another trophy just yet."

Arizona Republic
" The optimism is tenuous, however. All it will take is a big win for such what-are-they-doing-here nominees as The West Wing (once great, with a track record of being rewarded for increasing mediocrity) or Will & Grace (funny once - when dinosaurs walked the Earth) to tilt the balance back toward irrelevance."

Providence Journal:
"Best Drama Series: Deadwood, Lost, Six Feet Under, 24, The West Wing.

No one should underestimate Emmy voters' affection for The West Wing, which has won four out of the last five times. Plus, the White House series got some new blood this year with the addition of Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits.
But Lost has all the buzz this year, plus great production values, and a series of addictive storylines. (What the heck is in that hatch, anyway?)
In the past, every time I bet against The West Wing, I lost. But now I'm going to do it again. Some people just never learn.
Should win: Lost
Will win: Lost"

Sun Sentinel
"Drama series: The first of several significant shootouts between broadcast and cable boils down to Lost, ABC's "other" breakout hour, vs. HBO's bleak depiction of the Old West, Deadwood. (Will the Academy out of habit, keep nominating The West Wing for a couple of years after it leaves the air?) Deadwood's profanity will turn off enough voters to give the edge to Lost."

Wisconsin State Journal:
"Supporting actress, drama

Dart says: Tyne Daly, "Judging Amy."

I say: She's been nominated before - each year the show was on the air, in fact, since the 1999-2000 season - and won in 2003. My guess is she won't win this year, and the statue will go, instead, to Sandra Oh from "Grey's Anatomy." Her ambitious surgeon resident Christina Yang is the perfect mix of vulnerability and bravado.

But: Of course, Emmy voters often play it safe, so it may well be a horse race between Daly and Stockard Channing ("The West Wing"), two vets who could easily take home another prize. "

Journal Sentinel
"Outstanding drama series

With last year's winner, "The Sopranos," out of contention - no new episodes aired between June 1, 2004, and May 31, 2005, as required for consideration - the sometimes stodgy academy chose a nice mix of the new and the under-recognized in this category.

The exception, of course, is NBC's "The West Wing," nominated for the sixth straight year after four wins, two or three of which it actually deserved. With presidential candidates Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits added to the cast, this once-flagging show revived considerably last season - but probably not enough to win it a trophy."

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