Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Commander in Chief" Quote

From the Courier Journal:
"Fans of "The West Wing" are going to love ABC's "Commander in Chief" starring Geena Davis as the first woman president, especially because everybody speaks slowly enough to catch what they're saying, opposed to the rapid-fire delivery on the NBC series." : "Although [Rod Lurie] is left-leaning, he initially envisioned Geena Davis as a Republican. But he said he couldn't shake the feeling that it sounded like a predictable counterpoint to that other presidential drama, the unabashedly left-leaning “West Wing.”

That's why President Mackenzie Allen is an Independent — with a capital I.

“Political ‘independence' gives us the best drama,” Lurie said. “It gives her so many enemies. As an independent, you don't know where she stands. It opens up the story lines.”"