Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Commander in Chief" Outlook

From the Buffalo News
!"Commander in Chief," 9 p.m. Tuesday: Geena Davis stars as the mother of three who also happens to be the vice president of the United States. She is about to become the first female president after declining an ailing President's politically-incorrect request that she step down. Donald Sutherland and Kyle Secor ("Homicide") co-star.

You'll Like It If: You're looking for a replacement for "West Wing," are a fan of Davis, enjoy watching Sutherland chew the scenery playing a cagey old, Neanderthal politician and don't laugh when the future president's husband says, "I love you, go win the country."

You'll Hate It If: You can't stand shows built around the implausible premise that any vice president would consider turning down the presidency. And you're offended that almost every female on the show, including her own daughter, isn't ready for a female president.

Outlook: At over 6 feet tall and with a list of film credits that is even longer, Davis certainly has stature and the pilot has drama, humor and good speeches. But following "West Wing" is a little like following FDR. It won't be easy to get a fair deal from America, though a caring female president could "win the country" after the Bush administration's handling of Katrina."

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