Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"West Wing" references

From an article on the AFL-CIO split:

A “West Wing” episode a few years back said it best. One of the characters downplayed his lawyer’s concerns as he prepared to testify before Congress by saying: “It ain’t nothin’ but a family thing.” He might as well have been talking about another family and the great AFL-CIO divorce of 2005."

From the Phil. Inquirer on Reality TV scandals:

"That Fox released the report, which said nothing could be proven beyond some phone calls, on a Friday evening suggests just how seriously it took the controversy.

(As fans of "The West Wing" know, White House staffers have been known to call such pre-weekend releases "taking out the trash.")"

From an article on Australian politics:

"In fact - and here I can talk from personal experience - most political advisers aren’t poll-driven, or cynical or right-wing. They’re often the idealists who sacrifice far more lucrative careers to serve our democracy, a bit like Toby Zeigler (sic), Sam Seaborne and C.J. Cregg on the West Wing. (But unfortunately not as good looking!)"

From Empire Online, on Christopher Walken's "campaign":

"While not affiliated with either major US party, Walken is said to be pro-military (but not pro-Pentagon), pro-stem cell research and pro-campaign finance reform (as West Wing viewers will know, this is a big issue in the US)."

From the Belfast Telegraph:

"There's a scene in one of the West Wing episodes (you will have gathered I'm a fan) where they are sitting around discussing the economy and Josh orders that no-one is allowed to mention the 'R' word.

The theory goes that if you mention the word 'recession' (there you go, I said it) then you begin to live a self-fulfilling prophecy which ends with recession (I did it again) even if the prospects of it are so slim, if not non-existent, at the time.'"

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